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No world wars, no jobs, no communities, the rise of feminism!  The modern male increasingly wants to rediscover his masculinity.  This has been profiled in books and many films such as Fight Club, Gladiator and any Vin Diesel film you care to mention.


Men are now cropping their hair shorter not just to imitate their football or acting hero’s but also to look stronger, harder and more aggressive.  Business men are not going home after work but visiting boxing rings to knock the living hell out of one another.  Teenagers predominantly hang around in gangs after school, speaking street and listening to wrap music which condones fighting, shooting and treating women as sexual commodities.


But with this sudden urge to become overtly masculine why are modern males increasingly suffering problems that are more often than not associated with women?


Statistics show that the percentage of men suffering from eating disorders, breast cancer, male rape, self-harming and husband battering is significantly increasing on a yearly basis.


21st Century Male explores modern day masculinity and highlights the effects that domestic violence has on men. We are given a window into one such world with an honest and open account of one man's suffering.

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