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Unspeakably Wonderful (Drama)


Unspeakably Wonderful is about two men who hate each other but made one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 20th century.


Longwood (Comedy / Drama)


An arrogant infomercial producer faces bankruptcy, losing his wife and his status, so he tries to restore order by developing an infomercial that teaches men how to win back their exes.


Where does all your money go? The deadly cost of humanitarian aid (Documentary)


The next time you look at a poster or watch a TV commercial that depicts dying children in the Third World, before donating to a charity, ask yourself one question:  Where does all my money go?




The Chetnik Babies


This is a remarkable account of Muslim and Croat women who bore children out of Serbian rape camps, but continue to love them and fight for the right to live normal lives.


Saddam and Me 


What was it like working closely for Saddam Hussein?  For the first time Haitham Rashid Wihaib, Saddam Husain's Minister of Protocol for 13 years will undergo a set of interviews to psychologically analyse their relationship to understand how it has affected him.


The Girls in the Hole


In cemeteries, down dirty roads, in remote areas of Kinshasa are large holes, in these holes live abandoned girls huddled together, living as a family, for warmth and safety.  Some of these girls as young as eight survive by prostituting themselves, often to western businessmen for as little as a loaf of bread.  This is their life, filmed over 24 hours in both the dry and wet season.


Little Man, Big Gun


Chavez is 28 years old, a member of the notorious and violent MS-13 street gang based in Washington DC, the largest and most feared gang in the USA. Chavez is also a drug dealer, drug addict, a convicted felon and a little man standing only 3 feet 11 inches tall.  This is an account of Chaves's life as a member of MS-13 and its political connections with the CIA and the US government.

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