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Chavez is 28 years old, a member of the notorious and violent MS-13 street gang based in Washington DC, this is the largest and most feared gang in the USA. Chavez is also a drug dealer, drug addict, a convicted felon and a little man standing only 3 feet 11 inches tall.  




On May 27th 2010 Hamington Orozco headed home with friends after football.  They gathered to talk on the steps of their apartment block before going their separate ways. Chavez approached, asked for drugs, when there was no response, he pulled out his gun and shot Hamington three times, he died in hospital. Sheltered by MS-13, Chavez fled, crossing the border into Mexico, then to his home country of El Salvador were he was eventually arrested.  




This dark, surprisingly humorous documentary recounts the events of Chavez’s violent, hedonistic life up to the point when the little man pulled the trigger of his big gun. The account of his life is juxtaposed with the history of MS-13 from its origin in El Salvador to its present 50,000 strong membership across the USA and Central America.  Are they as the tabloids and the US government would have us believe, tattooed, machete-wielding, robbers, rapists, extortionists and murderers; or are they another government cover-up gone wrong?


Formed in El Salvador by the US Government from loners and misfits (like Chavez) they were willing to fight for their country, to stop a leftist government coming to power and stop terrorism invading their country. Later when the gangs were no longer required, they became prohibited in El Salvador, feeling abandoned and alone they drifted to the USA, the country that had created them.




Should the US Government be held accountable and responsible for them? The FBI says they’re the fastest growing, most violent of the nations gangs. So why is no one taking responsibility and trying to control their activities.  Do they want help? Is Chavez a victim or a perpetrator?  


With more drifters and misfits like Chavez joining MS-13 what can and should be done to control what could become one of the largest organised terror organisations? An organisation ironically created by a country that is intern obsessed with the war on terror.


The filmmakers will fully integrate into MS-13, interviewing key figures, gang members and their victims.  Other interviews will include politician, government officials, the police, FBI, CIA and NGO’s who are working with the gangs. The program will attempt to unfold the true meaning behind what it means for people like Chavez to be members of this organisation.


Visual Style


The visuals will use many different creative multimedia techniques to emphasis different elements of the documentary. This will include animation to show US propaganda, graphic cartoon imagery to show gang conflict and MS-13’s visual appearance through tattoos and piercings. Different camera styles will be uses to give a separate look for different perspectives and points of view. These styles will all contribute to making a unique and visually captivating production.

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