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Writen and to be directed by Canadian, Vince Sannuto, Longwood is about the unconscious manipulation of advertisers to get the public to buy products by pulling at their heartstrings. Longwood is about an infomercial producer named BOBBY BUCK. He is a victim of his own manipulation and success: He exudes the excesses of the 1980s. He works hard and plays harder, living a life of luxury: Mansion, Ferraris and designer clothing - all to fulfil his own hugely inflated ego and please his beautiful wife JEANNE BUCK.


Do you remember the Viagra craze of the 90s? Remember the stories of elderly men leaving their long term marriages and succumbing to heart attacks because of the infamous blue pill.


Bobby Buck dream is to be even more successful than he already is. His goal is to stop selling other people's inventions and sell one of his own. Bobby gets the opportunity when he is presented with the next big thing: A penis enhancement supplement called Longwood. When his wife rejects an offer to consign a bank loan, Bobby mortgages his house fraudulently to buy controlling shares in Longwood.


When his infomercial bombs, his whole world tumbles down around him. He loses everything: His wife, his family and his status.


SIMON, his former nerdish co-worker is obsessed in winning back the heart of his co-worker EILEEN; this inspires Bobby to hatch a plan. Bobby and Simon try to option a best-selling relationship counselling book but when they lose the rights to his former employer, they have to develop a counter-plan.


The unlikely duo decides to develop a product that teaches men how to win back their ex's. The plan sounds ridiculous, but if Bobby can win Jeanne back, then the product might work.


The plan comes to life when Bobby is introduced to Eileen's thuggish ex ANDREW. Andrew is a carbon copy of Bobby: Selfish, manipulative, a goal getter. Over a period of time Eileen point out Andrew's flaws and teaches Bobby a lot about his own shortcomings. Bobby uses these lessons to try and win Jeanne back and produce his infomercial. Will Bobby redeem himself?  If Bobby can manipulate Jeanne into taking him back, this could be the start of something big. If it works he will be launching an infomercial like no other, which will promote a ground breaking online platform, fronted by Eileen, that will coach men on how win back their ex's. Will Bobby be successful, will he regain his wealth, status and family. Will he have learnt anything from his journey, or is he just a product of the excesses of the 1980s and is his wife another possession that he needs to win back to make his life complete again.

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