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A documentary portrait of instrument maker and musician Dick Levens as he makes a unique stained glass mandolin and brings together a band of musicians for a musical project to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.


The visual style of the film takes its cue from the stained glass mandolin itself and is all about light and colour, playing on different textures within the island setting.


The film begins by introducing the landscape of Orkney: sea, sky and the Standing Stones of Stennes. The curious rhomboid shapes of this ancient site distinctive against the horizon.  These images are juxtaposed to show how Dick has taken his inspiration from nature to produce the instrument.


We observe Dick as he work and talks about his musical influences, life on the road as a musician and how he eventually retreated to the island of Orkney with his wife. As the instrument comes together so does the band and against a backdrop of the ‘Northern Lights’ the band perform a unique concert featuring Dick playing the ‘Stained Glass Mandolin’ for a promotional film for the charity.


As the film closes it is revealed that Robert Plant has signed the mandolin and it will be auctioned for the charity in New York.

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